Fossil of the Day & Ray of the Day



Each day of the conference, Climate Action Network (CAN) presents two awards, “Fossil of the Day” and “Ray of the Day.” The “Fossil of the Day” award is presented to a country judged to have done their best to block progress in the negotiations during that day. The “Ray of the Day” is given to countries that are a ray of hope of the past day of negotiations.

So far, here are the countries that have earned each award at COP19:

Fossil of the Day

Day 1: Austraila

Day 2: Poland

Day 3: 1st place: Australia, 2nd place: Turkey & “Fossil of Disbelief”: Canada

Ray of the Day

Day 1: “Ray of Solidarity”: the Phillipines

Day 2: Renewable Energy Loving Polish People

Day 3: Not announced yet

To read why each country was named either Fossil or Ray of the Day and why special awards have been created, check out¬†CAN’s Fossil of the Day page.

Loss and Damages
My Wednesday, Nov. 13th at COP 19

Upcoming Events

October 6th, 2016: Information Session for Washington University Climate Change Negotiations (WUCCN) at WashU

October 2016: 44th Meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

October 15th-16th, 2016: Inter-university Climate Change Negotiations (ICCN) at University of Maryland

October 22nd, 2016: Washington University Climate Change Negotiations (WUCCN) at WashU

November 7-18, 2016: 22nd Conference of the Parties in Marrakesh, Morocco