WUSICE (Washington University Students for International Collaboration on Environment) is a student group on Washington University Campus. It was founded in 2010 by undergraduate students who are interested in facilitating dialogue and collaboration among undergraduates on the social, political, technological, and economic dimensions of climate change on an international level.

Founding Members

From left to right:  Founding members Wenqi Yue, Jeremy Pivor, Karen Mok, and Summer Zhao.

In November 2010, WUSICE organized the first US-China Undergraduate Conference on Climate Change in collaboration with Fudan University in Shanghai, China. The resulting bilateral Memorandum of Understanding was presented to top negotiators at the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP) 16 in December 2010.



From Left to Right: US Chief Negotiator Jonathan Pershing, John Delurey (’12), China Chief Negotiator Wei Su, Summer Zhao (’12)

“This is probably the only document we will sign during this conference.” – Jonathan Pershing


After the original conference in 2010, WUSICE continued to organize delegations to the COP conferences under the designation of RINGO (Research and Independent Non-Governmental Organization). See our Archives tab to look at what WUSICE accomplished at each conference!

In addition, WUSICE held the first annual Washington University Climate Change Negotiations in November of 2015. This conference mimicks the processes of the COPs in order to provide more students with a hands-on experience in international climate negotiations.